Structural Engineering

Whether you’re starting from scratch or altering an existing structure, McL Engineering is your go-to for structural engineering services. We bring familiarity with construction and city planning to the table so that from the start of planning you know that you are working with someone that will ensure quick reviews and sensibility of design for construction purposes.

Structural Design

McL Engineering can help you decide what to do with that add-on you’ve been dreaming of to make it a perfectly functional addition to your home. Contact us today to further discuss your vision and see how we can work together to make the dream a reality.

Working With Us

At McL Engineering, we know that time management is a critical piece to any project. We'll work with you to make sure that we can accomplish what you need in your specific timeline.

Our services are available to all working on projects located in the East Bay area. Please contact for more information or for out-of-area requests.


For More Information

Submit your question or request directly through the website, or contact us via phone or email.